"For such a cerebral documentary, “The New Radical” packs a wicked punch. It’s possible to fully, and vehemently, disagree with Mr. Wilson and Mr. Taaki yet still see their points. That can make “The New Radical”unsettling. It also makes it a film worth watching." - Ken Jaworowski - NEW YORK TIMES

"A real life Mr. Robot...[The New Radical] excels at venturing into the thick of that void to reveal the men eager to dwell in its darkness" - Eric Kohn - INDIEWIRE

"By nature of its central subject, it's a piece of work that infuriates and excites. It's a deeply upsetting movie, and then, sporadically, a hopeful one." - Sam Fragoso - THE WRAP

"The strength of 'The New Radical' is that it's not on its subjects' side (or totally against them either). It's the rare documentary that lets you decide." - Owen Gleiberman - VARIETY

"...strength lies not just in the filmaker's intimate access to his subjects, but in the multiple points of views he engages"     - Sheri Linden - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"The first real Millennial document of our present century" - C. Edward Kelso - BITCOIN

"The New Radical is yet another timely, foreboding Sundance Documentary with a fast-moving story that will surely benefit from a sequel." - John Fink - THE FILM STAGE